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Mosquito control officials confirm West Nile virus activity in San Gabriel Valley

From the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District

SAN GABRIEL VALLEY, Calif.  – The first indication of West Nile virus (WNV) in San Gabriel Valley has been detected in a sample of mosquitoes from the city of Baldwin Park.

The San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District (SGVMVCD) routinely monitors populations of adult mosquitoes using traps and tests groups of adult female mosquitoes for the presence of West Nile virus and other mosquito-borne diseases. SGVMVCD also tests wild birds, such as crows, which can provide insight into the spread of WNV.

“West Nile virus is endemic, which means we’ll detect it every year in our communities,” said SGVMVCD Scientific Program Manager Melissa Doyle. “As the season heats up, everyone should take the necessary steps to prevent mosquito bites and eliminate stagnant water around their home.”

Mosquito control officials encourage residents to take steps now to prevent an outbreak from spreading in their communities.

“It only takes one bite for a mosquito carrying West Nile virus to get you sick. Don’t take your chances,” said SGVMVCD Public Information Officer Levy Sun. “Mosquito control is a responsibility shared by all residents, business owners and property owners.”

San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District urges everyone to take the following recommendation to stay healthy and bite-free:

  • Tip and toss stagnant water around the home
  • Make sure all window and doors screens are in good repair on your property
  • Wear insect repellent containing CDC-recommended Picaridin, DEET, oil of lemon eucalyptus, or IR3535. These are effective against mosquitoes when used as labeled
  • Contact San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District to report neglected swimming pools at or 626-814-9466