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Combating the Digital Divide in LA County

The ability to access the Internet has become a critical necessity durijng the COVID-19 pandemic.  Internet access is not only key to our school's online learning programs, but many Federal, State and local resources are provided online too. In LA County nearly 110,000 children under 18 don’t have access to a computer at home. Approximately 210,000 children who do have a computer at home, lack an Internet connection. To combat this digital divide, LA County launched a digital tool today to help residents access free WiFi spots throughout the County.The new Internet Locator website ( is part of a larger mission to expand digital connectivity, literacy, and access across LA County. When users enter a street address into the Internet Locator, the map returns the following information:

  • The street address, phone number, and website for any County Library within three miles that provides free public WiFi.
  • An LA County Library Card is required to login to the public library WiFi. If you do not have a card, call your local library or obtain a temporary card by clicking here.
  • Name, website, and phone number for both residential and commercial broadband Internet providers serving the address. 
  • Name, website, and phone number for consumer mobile (cellular) broadband Internet providers serving the address.