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Fire Department Tips for Safe Thanksgiving Cooking

Because delicious meals and baked goods are key to Thanksgiving, more home fires happen on this holiday than any other day of the year. As we approach Thanksgiving, the City of Duarte encourages residents to review kitchen safety guidelines that can help prevent injury, property damage, and wildfires.

Protect your household with these tips:

  • Test all smoke detectors before cooking, and replace batteries as needed.

  • Set up your kitchen work station to be free of tripping hazards.

  • Keep knives and electronic equipment out of reach of young children.

  • Supervise stovetop cooking at all times, and don’t leave the house when the oven is in use.

  • Turn saucepan handles away from you to avoid knocking them off the stove.

  • Keep young children away from stovetops, as well as hot foods and liquids, to prevent burns. Find other fun ways to involve young children in cooking outside the kitchen, such as assembling pies at the dining table.

  • Never leave burning candles unattended, and keep away from flammable materials such as napkins and decorations.

  • The National Fire Protection Association discourages the use of gas-fueled outdoor turkey frying appliances. Hot oil is extremely flammable and poses significant burn and fire risk. As an alternative, consider purchasing fried turkey from a specialty retailer, restaurant, or grocery store or use an oil-free cooking appliance.

This year, in addition to fire safety precautions during Thanksgiving, it is also important to take measures that protect your household and community from COVID-19. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has issued COVID-19 holiday safety guidelines for celebrating with loved ones while taking critical measures to slow the spread of the virus. 

The City of Duarte wishes all residents and community members a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season.