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Burrtec Waste Industries COVID-19 February Update

In late December we announced a non-essential service modification plan to help address the staffing impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate your support as those measures helped mitigate the staffing shortage surge that impacted our ability to safely continue providing all services.

During January the bulky item collections were not entirely stopped as we were able to provide a limited number of collections dependent upon the day to day staffing fluctuations. While we seem to have passed the peak COVID post-holiday impact period there remains ongoing uncertainty which continues to require service flexibility. The intent is to adjust services so that we can continue to address community needs to the extent possible. The modified plans continue to focus on maintaining trash collections to support the health and well- being of our community partners while modifying non-essential services.

Service Adjustments

  • Limit scheduling of Bulky pickups (to be determined by individual hauling yard)
  • Limit barrel exchanges for dirty and broken but usable barrels until 3/1/21
  • Limit bin exchanges for dirty and broken but usable bins until 3/1/21
  • Temp Bins - limit the number of services (to be determined by individual hauling yard)
  • Temp Rolloffs - limit the number of services (to be determined by individual hauling yard)
  • City Yards - Reducing City yard roll-off box services where possible
  • Reminders
    o Set out barrels only when they are full/near full rather than barrels that are partially full.
    o Service times may change so please leave your barrels out for service until the next day.

To further assist with residential sector bulky item collection demands, Burrtec’s Material Recovery Facilities in Fontana and Jurupa Valley will be open on Sundays to accept residential bulky items at no additional cost to residents. Bulky item program guidelines will apply; no hazardous waste, construction or business waste will be accepted. This option will be communicated directly by Burrtec’s customer service staff to customers on a case by case basis.

We should reiterate that while we do not have any indication that we will reach critical staffing levels it is important to recognize that if staffing becomes severely impacted the contingency plan could escalate to making the critical service adjustments listed below:

Critical Adjustments

  • Residential Greenwaste - every other week pickup
  • Mixing commercial commodities
  • Mixing residential commodities

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions, please contact your local Burrtec Customer Service Department at 800-325-9417 or

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